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Qué pasó? Y cuando? – Attempting to master the Spanish Past!

If I thought trying to differentiate between HABLO (I speak) and HABLÓ (He/She/It/You(formal) spoke) was a challenge then clearly I was unprepared for the grammatical onslaught that is the Spanish past tense in it's entirety. So, how's it done in English? In English the past tense is, in my opinion at least, pretty straightforward. I… Continue reading Qué pasó? Y cuando? – Attempting to master the Spanish Past!

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Language Update

Happy Easter Sunday word fans! It's been a while huh? Things have been pretty hectic around here. I've spent the best part of the new year moving house from UK to Gran Canaria as well as keeping on track with my Open University degree in Language Studies. But I'm back! So, here's a quick update… Continue reading Language Update

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I’m an English Speaker… Get me out of here!

You've studied your phrasebook, you've practiced your greetings, you've even drilled your verb conjugations. You are ready to prove yourself as a language learning master! But there's a slight problem! You speak English. Ever since I started learning other languages I have encountered a handful of specific and repeating issues when speaking with other language… Continue reading I’m an English Speaker… Get me out of here!

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Chinese Tones

Something that seems to stop learners of Chinese in their tracks before they even get going is the various tones used when pronouncing the various characters. Chinese is a tonal language; words that have the same Pinyin spelling and the same phonetic pronunciation can have two completely different meanings depending on the tone used to… Continue reading Chinese Tones

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Meine Sprachan. 我的语言。Mis Idiomas. Мои Языки. Mes Langues.

So I thought I should probably share a little bit about the languages I'm currently learning, how long I've been learning them and why 😀 Español Spanish is a Romance language that originated in Castile. Around 75% of modern Spanish is derived from Latin. It is the second most widely spoken language in the world.… Continue reading Meine Sprachan. 我的语言。Mis Idiomas. Мои Языки. Mes Langues.

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Hallo! Hola! 你好! Привет! Salut!

Hi guys, I’m Binny and I’m a bit* of a language hoarder. (*read as a huge massive unashamedly obsessive) I grew up in London until I moved to South Wales in 2008 for University and ended up staying. Now I am either still in Wales or enjoying the sun and practicing my Spanish (amongst other… Continue reading Hallo! Hola! 你好! Привет! Salut!